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Our partnerships enable high quality respiratory research across disease areas and allow translation back into patient care.

We are part of several major national/international collaborations and work closely with commercial pharma companies such as Glaxosmithkline (GSK) and AstraZeneca.

We have close links on respiratory themes with researchers within other research groupings in the University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, such as epidemiology, molecular microbiology, drug discovery, allergy, immunology and child health.


Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node (NMPN)

Leading the field in translational molecular diagnostic capabilities

The Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node (NMPN) is one of 6 nodes funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC)and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to develop molecular pathology tests which will help deliver better targeted, more effective treatments - known as 'stratified medicine' - across a wide range of disease areas.


The NMPN is based at the University of Nottingham Clinical Sciences Building at Nottingham City Hospital


Refractory Asthma Stratification Programme (RASP-UK)

Severe Asthma

The RASP-UK Consortium is a large scale research project that aims to target treatments effectively in patients with severe asthma



COPD Initiative

COPDMAP, as part of the MRC/ABPI Inflammation and Immunology Initiative, represents the first phase of a new approach in funding by the MRC, bringing together academics and industry at the early R&D stages to develop a stratified approach to disease (targeting the right treatments to the right people), enabling effective clinical trials as well as identifying novel biomarkers, mechanisms and targets.



Severe Asthma

U-BIOPRED (Unbiased BIOmarkers in PREDiction of respiratory disease outcomes) is a research project using information and samples from adults and children to learn more about different types of asthma to ensure better diagnosis and treatment for each person


NIHR Translational Research Collaboration (TRC)

Inflammatory Respiratory Disease

The Nottingham RRU is one of the NIHR Translational Research Collaboration (TRC) centres and one of the first on board from inception, meeting the TRC criteria for inflammatory respiratory diseases due to our infrastructure, academic and clinical expertise, laboratory facilities and a cohort of well-characterised patients on our research database available for clinical development studies.

The NIHR TRC in inflammatory respiratory disease brings together internationally recognised investigators in the UK's leading centres of excellence to carry out early phase research with industry.

This NIHR TRC carries out outstanding translational research in inflammatory respiratory disease. Together with industry partners, the TRC focuses on early phase clinical research in patients to identify mechanisms of pathophysiology of disease, or to demonstrate proof of concept or evidence of the validity of new discoveries or treatments

We collaborated in the very first TRP research project to come through the system in 2012 with Chiesi Farmaceutici. 


The Centre Academic lead (CAL) for the Nottingham RRU is Prof Tim Harrison.

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