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  • Glenn Hearson

Gq/11 signaling maintains healthy lungs

Loss of signaling by the cytokine transforming growth factor–β (TGFβ) in mice results in emphysema-like symptoms, whereas excessive TGFβ signaling results in pulmonary fibrosis and ventilator-associated lung injury. G proteins of the Gq/11 and G12/13 families mediate the integrin-dependent activation and release of latent TGFβ from the epithelial cells.

In a recent issue of Science Signalling, Alison John and researchers form the Nottingham Respiratory Research Unit found that mice deficient in Gq/11, but not those deficient in G12/13, in lung epithelial cells had defective TGFβ activation and emphysema-like symptoms. In addition, the Gq/11-deficient mice had lung inflammation associated with increased amounts of the cytokine IL-33. However, the mice were protected from ventilator-induced injury. Together, these data suggest that Gq/11 signaling is required for optimal TGFβ activation in the lung and the prevention of inflammation.

Researcher Dr Alison John

This research was published in Science Signalling on 25th October 2016:

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