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Are you interested in volunteering to help with our important research?

We are always pleased to hear from Asthma and COPD patients who would like to help us with our clinical research studies and trials.

Recruiting enough suitable patients for clinical studies and trials is often difficult for us to achieve. Volunteering your very generous time to help us, will be very much appreciated.

The amount of time required, varies depending each study and trial.

The Nottingham Respiratory Research Database (NRRD) is an ethically approved register of patients and healthy volunteers who would like to help us with our respiratory clinical studies and trials.

By having a list of volunteers who want to help us with our respiratory clinical studies, we hope to find better symptom and treatment management. Agreeing to have your name and test results on our database, does not mean you are agreeing to take part in any particular study.


From time to time we may send you details via text, post or email, of studies that may interest you, and invite you to think about taking part in them. You do not have to volunteer for any of them, but if you do tell us you are interested we will send you full details.


Any study we write to you about will have been approved by an NHS Research Ethics Committee.

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If you are interested in taking part in our Asthma and COPD research studies and trials or would like to Join our Nottingham Respiratory Research Database (NRRD), fill out our contact form below and one of our research nurses will contact you.