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  • Glenn Hearson

Nottingham Respiratory Research Unit part of £23.6 m boost for from UK’s largest ever health researc

The NRRU is delighted to be part of funding awarded to form a new Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) through the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

​​​Dr Maria Koufali, Deputy Director of Research & Innovation, for Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, said:

"We are absolutely delighted to be working with The University of Nottingham, our charity and industry partners, to develop the new Biomedical Research Centre for Nottingham.

The new Centre in Nottingham will drive innovation and internationally competitive translational research in therapeutic areas which are highly relevant to the health of our patients and public: gastrointestinal and liver disease, hearing loss and tinnitus, respiratory and musculoskeletal disease and mental health and technology.

At the core of our centre will be our world leading expertise in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). NUH is one of the leading NHS Trusts in developing research which will address important clinical questions and improve outcomes for patients. The new Biomedical Research Centre will further strengthen Nottingham's position as a leading city for research and innovation."

This NUH and UoN partnership will be funded for a period of 5 years starting from April 1st 2017

Full News Articles and more information are available below:

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