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APEX-3; to improve our understanding of what is happening during suspected asthma attacks

Updated: Mar 11

We will shortly commence recruitment for our 3rd asthma attack study as part of our APEX research.

This 3rd APEX study, will be recruiting patients admitted to hospital with a suspected asthma attack.


Asthma attacks are intermittent frightening events characterised by wheezing, difficulty breathing and cough. When very severe, hospital admission can be necessary for further treatment and close observation. Many other health conditions can affect asthma control or lead to symptoms which can be confused with those of asthma but the degree of involvement of these conditions in people admitted to hospital is poorly understood.

What is the purpose of the study

The purpose of this study is to improve our understanding of what is happening during suspected asthma attacks in people, like you, admitted to hospital.

We plan to include 100 people hospitalised with a suspected asthma attack and perform an in-depth investigation, including assessment for other health conditions and risk factors known to increase risk of attacks.

This will enable the most comprehensive description of asthma attack phenotypes requiring hospitalisation and recovery from these events to date.

We hope that this study will enhance our understanding of asthma attacks and subsequently help develop new treatment options or avoid potentially harmful ones.



Chief Investigator: Dr Matthew Martin

Study Lead: Mouaid Aljehani

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