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  • Glenn Hearson

Post COVID-19 Dysregulated Breathing Research (REMEDY) Study

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

We have recently commenced a new clinical research study with Chief Investigator Professor Charlotte Bolton and funded by the NIHR Nottingham BRC, Charitable Donation to the University of Nottingham and NIHR Senior Investigator Award (Professor Ian Hall).

Post COVID-19 REspiratory Mechanisms and the Efficacy of a breathing exercise intervention for DYsregulated breathing (REMEDY)

The study will invite people to take part who have new and persisting breathlessness after COVID-19, felt to be due to dysregulated breathing.

Post COVID-19 Dysregulated Breathing
Post COVID-19 Dysregulated Breathing

What is the purpose of the study?

Many people have become infected with COVID-19 across the world including millions in the UK. For a large proportion of people, they have persisting symptoms, one of which can be persisting breathlessness. This breathlessness can be for many reasons but a common cause is dysregulated breathing - where the breathing pattern is disrupted and the control of breathing affected.

We wish to study the role of a breathing exercises intervention to see if it improves breathlessness and other symptoms in people with this dysregulated breathing diagnosed after COVID-19.


Download PDF • 434KB

REMEDY Poster Final V1.0 (1)
Download PDF • 235KB


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